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2015 1A2 Group 9 - Celiac Disease

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2015 Team Members(1A2 Group 9-Celiac Disease)









Researcher & Editor


  • [Justinn Tan Xinn-Da]      (Leader)

  • [Taru Nigam]                    (Researcher and editor)

  • [Daniel Tay Zhu Hao]        (Researcher)

  • [Muhammad Amirul Fitri]  (Researcher)







   -Celiac disease is a digestive disorder that is caused by food that contains gluten.

   -Gluten refers to a type of protein that is found in wheat,barley,rye and triticale,etc.  

   -Please watch the videos: 1.https://youtu.be/l2KKyUo8Ujs





Causes and Effects

-Celiac disease involves the immune system but the reaction within the body is different. Celiac disease causes damage to the lining of the intestine


-Celiac disease damages the inner lining of the small intestine, and that may lead to difficulty digesting lactose, a sugar found in milk and milk products. Following a  allows the intestine to recover, and people with celiac disease may discover that they are able to digest lactose once again.


-In people with celiac disease, the body's immune system is triggered by gluten in food. Antibodies attack the intestinal lining, damaging, flattening, or destroying the tiny hair-like projections (villi) in the small bowel. Damaged villi can't effectively absorb nutrients through the intestinal wall. As a result, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals get passed through the stool. Over time, this can lead to malnutrition.


-There are no effects of celiac disease.


Repulsed girl with glass of chocolate milkNormal and celiac damaged intenstine






 Signs and Symptoms 


-Symptoms for infants and children:


-Symptoms for teenagers:

-However,some symptoms may not occur until they are triggered by something stressful for teenagers(e.g. exams,someone in your family passed away,etc)

-The symptoms are:

  • Leaving home for college

  • Suffering an injury or illness

  • Pregnancy


-Symptoms for adults:



-Please watch the video: http://www.csaceliacs.org/video/videos.jsp?v=signs_and_symptoms_of_celiac_disease_part_2.flv                                                                                                                                                                                                 


 Woman suffering from celiac diseaseDermatitis herpetiformis due to celiac diseaseMemory loss due to celiac diseaseExaming teeth for signs of celiac disease







Prevention and Treatment


-There is no prevention for celiac disease; the only treatment is a gluten-free diet.


-A gluten-free diet is a diet that does not include gluten.


- The treatments of a gluten-free diet are:



  • Avoid all foods made from wheat,rye,barley. Examples are breads, cereals, pasta, crackers, cakes, pies, cookies, and gravies.


  • Avoid oats. Some patients with celiac disease can tolerate oats in the diet. But long-term safety of oats in celiac disease patients is unknown, and some oat preparations can be contaminated with wheat. Thus, it is probably best to avoid oats at least during the initial treatment with a gluten-free diet. Once the disease is in remission with a strict gluten-free diet, it may be possible to reintroduce small quantities of oats into the diet under medical supervision.

          Please watch the video:Cheryl Harris, MPH, RD: Oats and Cross Contamination (Part 4)


  • Beware of tablets, capsules, and vitamin and supplements that contain gluten. Wheat starch is commonly employed as a binding agent in tablets and capsules. Gluten also can be found in many vitamin products, and cosmetic products such as lipstick and even the glue on stamps and envelopes.


  • Avoid beer, but wine, brandy, whiskey, and other alcohols without barley are fine in moderation


  • Avoid milk and other dairy products that contain lactose. Untreated patients with celiac disease often are lactose intolerant. With successful treatment, dairy products can often be reintroduced slowly into the diet later.


  • Consult dietitians and national celiac disease societies for lists of gluten-free foods. Read the food and product labels before buying or consuming any product. This is necessary, because a manufacturer may change a product's ingredients at any time. A product that was gluten-free in the past may now contain gluten. Even branded products may be gluten-free in one country but contain gluten in another country. If one is not certain after reading the labels, call the manufacturer.


  • Because people with celiac disease who have severe malabsorption can develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies, vitamin and mineral supplements are important. Ask your doctor if a multivitamin is right for you. Patients with iron deficiency anemia should be treated with iron. Patients with anemia due to folate or B12 deficiency should be treated with folic acid and B12. Patients with an abnormal ProTime should be treated with vitamin K. Patients with low blood calcium levels or with osteoporosis should be treated with calcium  and vitamin D supplements.


  • Pay attention to processed foods that may contain gluten. Wheat flour is a common ingredient in many processed foods. Examples of foods that may contain gluten include:

         - Canned soups

         - Salad dressings

         - Ice cream

         - Candy bars

         - Instant coffee

         - Luncheon meats and processed or canned meats

         - Ketchup and mustard

         - Yogurt

         - Pasta


  • Do some research to find out what foods typically have gluten in them. The obvious offenders are breads and pastas, but beer, various condiments, boxed foods and bakery items may contain gluten as well.





-Please watch the video: http://www.csaceliacs.org/video/videos.jsp?v=intro_to_celiac_disease_and_a_gluten_free_diet.flv


Gluten free packaged foodsProducts that contain hidden glutenFoods that are gluten freeHand holding supplementsIV in operating room




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         5. 1600 × 1071 - celiac.org 

         6. 500 × 375 - urbanepicurious.com 




Links to other diseases


-Celiac disease can leave a person susceptible to other health problems, including:



-People who have celiac disease may have other autoimmune diseases, including:











-Google images(https://images.google.com)



-Celiac support association(http://www.csaceliacs.org/csa_recognition_seal.jsp)



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