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2015 1E3 Group 7 - Osteoporosis

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Team members


Names / Roles:

  • Ong Wei Song[Leader]
  • Bradon Kee[Researcher]
  •  Jeremy Wee[Researcher]
  • Yong Choon Shing[Reasearcher]




Meaning / Definition

Bone Disease/Osteoporosis results when your body loses too many bones or creates not enough bones,hence loss of tissue.Thus,the person's bones become not as strong as regular ones,becoming slimmer and more vulnerable to minor dangers such as falling down and accidentally bumping into furniture.



Causes and Effects

Ethnicity - Hip fractures are twice as likely to happen in Caucasian women as in African-American women. However, women of different races who fracture their hips have a higher death rate 

Gender - Women are four times more likely than men to develop osteoporosis. Women's lighter, slimmer bones and longer life spans are some of the reasons why they are at a higher danger for osteoporosis. 

Age - After the total bone density and strength is reached (generally around age 30), bone mass begins to naturally decline as people age 

Heredity also affects the chances of osteoporosis. If one of your parents had osteoporosis, you are at bigger risk of contracting osteoporosis






Signs and Symptoms

These are the signs and symptoms of osteoporosis are,                         

1)Back pain that is caused by a fracture     

2)Breakage of bones occur more often than expected

3)Loss of height over time                              
4) A bend over position
5)Weak bones 

Prevention and Treatment




Link to Other Illnesses or Diseases

In this section, while using a little medical jargon as possible, include a description of the illness(es) or disease(s) that may occur as a result of having this disorder or disease. 

You may include picture(s) or video(s) to illustrate your points.






http://www.m.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/osteoporosis-menopause http://www.healthcommunities.com/osteoporosis/risk-factors.shtml 



Comments (3)

Mr Reuben Ng said

at 7:19 pm on Jun 9, 2015

It is good to see some progress. I expect pictures soon!

Mr Reuben Ng said

at 1:01 pm on Jun 17, 2015

You do need pictures!

Mr Reuben Ng said

at 1:14 pm on Jun 27, 2015

Do work on your links to other diseases

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