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2015 1E3 Group 4 - Appendicitis

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Team members


Names / Roles:

  • []   Tan Wei Bin   (Leader)
  • []   Deni                (Editor) 
  • []   Low Dong En   (Researcher)
  • []   Salim              (Researcher)



Meaning / Definition

Appendicitis is when your appendix,which is the small pouch shaped like a small finger that is connected to the colon,becomes swollen,inflamed,and filled with pus which is a protein rich fluid called liquor puris.

Causes and Effects

Appendicitis begins when the opening from the appendix into the cecum becomes blocked. The blockage may be due to a build-up of thick mucus within the stool that enters the appendix from the cecum and bacteria can multiply inside the organ. The mucus or stool hardens, becomes rock-like, and blocks the opening. The rock that block the way call fecalith.

It can also be caused by:

  • enlarged lymphoid follicles
  • worms
  • trauma
  • tumors

Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms that you will have:

  1. lower right side abdominal pain 
  2. loss of appetite 
  3. nausea 
  4. vomiting
  5. diarrhea
  6. constipation
  7. inability to pass gas
  8. abdominal swelling
  9. low grade fever
  10.  a sense you might feel better after passing stool 



Prevention and Treatment

It cannot be prevented. People who have diets high in fibre is less common, including diets containing lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 


Image result for fruits and vegetables

Link to Other Illnesses or Diseases





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Please start on your project soon!

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Do insert pictures.

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