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2015 1E1 Group 5 - Lactose Intolerance

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Team members


Names / Roles:

  • [] juan loong(Leader)
  • [] sean(Editor)
  • [] Jun Heng (Researcher)
  • [] Steven (Researcher)



Meaning / Definition

lactose intolerance is a disorder of one's small intestine not producing enough enzyme (lactase) to digest milk



Causes and Effects

In this section, while using a little medical jargon as possible,

1)gastroenteritis,coeliac disease,ulcerative colitis are some of the possible causes


2) gastroenteritis is an infection of the stomach and intestines,coeliac diease is a condition where it is caused by intolerance to a protien called gluten and ulcerative colitis is a long term condition that affect the large intestine




Signs and Symptoms

1)some signs and symtoms are Borborygmi (rumbing or gurling sounds in the stomach)




5)Nuasea(may be accompanied by vomiting)

6) Abodominal bloating, pain, or cramp



Prevention and Treatment

In this section, while using a little medical jargon as possible,

1)the prevention are avoiding dietary milk or any milk containing products

2) treatment for lactose intolerence are decreasing or completely removing milk from the diet/they can get lactase enzyme which is available in capsule,pills.,drop(can be added to a carton of milk),or chewable form.




Link to Other Illnesses or Diseases

1)lactose intolerance may link to other dieases/illness like celiac diease

2)bacterial overgrowth

3)crohn's diease




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