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1E1_2013 Group 4 - Seashore

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Team members


Names / Roles:

  • Md Noorazam      (Leader)
  • Adam Afif       (Wiki Writer)
  • Darron Ng      (Researcher)
  • Kamil Hakim (Researcher)
  • Syahid       (Researcher) 



The Location and the description of the Ecosystem: 

A seashore is occasionally the beach's coastline where land touches the sea.


The Biodiversity of the ecosystem (richness of life in ecosystem)

A rocky shore is an intertidal area that consists of solid rocks. It is often a biologically rich environment and can include many different habitat types like steep rocky cliffs, platforms, rocky pools and boulder fields. Because of the continuously action of the tides, it is characterized by erosional features. Together with the wind, sunlight and other physical factors it creates a complex environment for the organisms that live in this area experience daily fluctuations in their environment. For this reason, they must be able to tolerate extreme changes in temperature, salinity,  moisture and wave action to survive.


Physical Factors


Light (availability of sunlight in the ecosystem):

The intensity of light at the Seashore is high as the Seashore is often exposed to the sun in the day.


Temperature (temperature of the ecosystem):

The temperature at the Seashore is around 26 degrees Celsius.


Water (water quality in the ecosystem):

The quality of the water at the ecosystem is good. The water at the Seashore is clean.


Salinity (freshwater or seawater found in the ecosystem):

Seawater. There is about 35g of salt for every 1kg of water.


Air (quality of air in the ecosystem):

Like most Seashores, the air quality of this ecosystem is fresh its ecosystem is no where near pollutions from industries or fumes produced by cars.


pH of the environment (how acidic or alkaline the ecosystem is):

The environment is alkaline. The pH of the environment is about 8.4.


Mineral Salts (availability of nutrients and mineral salts in the ecosystem):

Mineral salts at the Seashore are at its best. At the Seashore, there is seawater which contains a lot of salt. This means that it also contains a lot of nutrients and mineral salts in the seawater. 





Classification of Living Organisms


The Producers are:


Seaweed is a loose colloquial term encompassing macroscopic, multicellular and benthic marine algae.



Micro-algae are microscopic algae, typically found in freshwater and marine systems.  


The Primary Consumers are:

Flat Winkles

The flat periwinkle, slightly larger than the rough, has a smooth shell ranging from white to black through shades of yellow, red and brown.



limpet seashore

The limpets are perhaps the most well-adapted of all the marine snails for a life on the exposed rock surfaces. 


The Secondary Consumers are:

Dog Whelks


The dog whelks tiny rounded creatures with a pointed spire and a short and a deep anal canal. 

Hermit Crabs


 Hermit crabs are decapod crustaceans


The Tertiary consumers are:


A Blennioidei are generally a small fish, with elongate bodies and large eyes and mouths.

Sea Birds


Seabirds/Marine birds are birds that have adapted to life within the marine environment.


 The Decomposers are:

Sea cucumbers


They are marine animals with leathery skins and elongated bodies containing a single, branched gonad.


Marine Worm


These worms have specialized tentacles used for exchanging oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide (Respiration), plus they are used for reproduction of the their species. 

Food Web 



Interrelationship in Ecosystem


Predator-Prey Relationship


Dog Whelks, the Predator of Limpets, its Prey.  The Dog Whelks go hunting for the Limpets (their food). This will allow the Limpets to be more alert when the Dog Whelks are searching for food , them , etc.



Photo by Tan Bee Hong

One of the interesting features of the Sacculina is that the parasite makes it , if it's a male, appear more like a female.


Photo by Tan Bee Hong

As far as is known, the fish produces a special mucus, causing the anemone not to release its stings, unlike other fishes. It is also believed that the movements of the fish alerts the anemone of its identity. In return for the anemone's safety, the fish brings scraps to it, and lures larger fish into the anemone's tentacles.

Ecology Wiki's Useful Links


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2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seaweed


4) http://www.ypte.org.uk/environmental/seashore-a-rocky-seashore-ecosystem/98


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9) http://www.marbef.org/wiki/rocky_shores






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2013class1e1group4 said

at 4:56 pm on Apr 4, 2013

We have used pictures, mostly from Yahoo Images, for this project and all of us did our part for this. In fact, i am glad to have them as teammates

Mr Reuben Ng said

at 8:47 am on Apr 5, 2013

Very good!

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