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1A3_2012 Group 8

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Team members


Names / Roles:

  • cao ze yi      (Leader)
  • wang jun xian     (Chief Editor)
  • cheong chen yang  (Researcher)
  • bryan ho      (Researcher)




In this section, include a brief description of the allocated ecosystem. You should include the following information:



Physical Factors

Search the Internet for information on the following physical factors in the allocated ecosystem. 

  • Light (availability of sunlight in the ecosystem)
  • Temperature (temperature of the ecosystem)
  • Water (water quality in the ecosystem)
  • Air (quality of air in the ecosystem) 




Classification of Living Organisms

Classify at least eight of the living organisms found in the allocated ecosystem into the categories below:

  1. Producers: Seaweed,Seaplant
  2. Primary Consumers: razor clam                
  3. Secondary Consumers: horseshoe crab, diamondback terrapin
  4. Tertiary Consumers: loggerhead turtle
  5. Decomposers: marine worms, bacteria and Marine Seaweed

For each of the living organism, find a picture and write a short description on the organism. You may wish to include feeding habits, region in the ecosystem where it is normally found etc. 



Food Web 

Create a food web using at least eight of the living organisms listed above. You may wish to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create your food web. Save your food web as a picture. Finally copy and paste your picture in this section of your wiki. 



Interrelationship in Ecosystem

Choose and write about one example from the following relationships in the ecosystem:

  • Predator-prey relationship: a conger eel eats a wrasse,The conger eel is a top predator and the wrasse is a smaller fish that is eaten, the prey. The sea is a complex ecosystem. Things are eating other things all the time. Usually the food chain goes from small algae like plankton to a small fish like a herring, a mollusc or an arthropod then onto bigger fish. Some big fish get eaten by even bigger ones like sharks.
  • Parasitism: whales and intestinal worms,Other parasites include isopods, which are ectoparasites (they live on the outside of their host).
  • Mutualism:pilot fish and sharks,pilot fish cleans sharks of parasites. so sharks gets cleaned and pilot fish gets free meal.



Useful Links

Plagiarism is a strongly discouraged.


Include the links of all websites you obtained information from to complete your ecology wiki. 

For example:

Wild World @ nationalgeographic.com ( http://www.nationalgeographic.com/wildworld/terrestrial.html ) 


  • [name of website] (web link)
  • [name of website] (web link)
  • [name of website] (web link) 



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