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1T1_2012 Group 1 - African Savannah

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1) In this section,write sentences to describe the African Savannah.

2) Use the infomation from the website and books you have read from.

3) You should include the following :

  • Location of the ecosystem:

    --> The location is in Africa . 

  • Description of ecosystem: (what does this ecosystem look like, what animals and plants are found there, what kind of weather /climate)

    --> The ecosystem looks drought . There are many animals in the ecosystems such as Zebra , Lion , Cheetah , Elephant and many more . The types of plants are found in the ecosystems are Acacrad , Dry grass , acacia and many more . The kind of weather is very hot and it looks dry . 


  • Biodiversity of ecosystem (richness of life/types of plants and animals in ecosystem - can use pictures): 

     --> The variety of different species in an ecosystem,genetic variation within a population of a species,and variety of kinds of ecosystems.



Physical Factors

Search the Internet for information on the following physical factors in the African Savannah ecosystem. 

  • Light (availability of sunlight in the ecosystem)

    --> Light such as Sunlight is important to plants because plants need sunlight to grow and to photosynthesis . It is also to provide energy to warm the earth's atmosphere . The light intensity controls the plants growth and the light durations affects the plants flowering , animals and also insects .


  • Temperature (temperature of the ecosystem)

   --> The average temperature for the African Savannah's is about 27 degree . Its having peaks is 30 degree in cold months which in April and October . 


  • Water (water quality in the ecosystem)

   --> All living organisms need water to survive . Organisms who lives in dry ecosystems are adapted by storing water for used over long periods . For some of the plants and animals , they can only survived by being submersed in water .


  • Air (quality of air in the ecosystem) 

   -->  The quality of air in the ecosystem is polluted by smoke and by exhaust fumes .


Classification of Living Organisms

Classify at least eightof the living organisms found in the African Savannah ecosystem into the categories below:

  1. Producers

     --> Green plant such as trees 

      2. Primary Consumers

     --> Zebra's

     --> Giraffe's

     --> Elephant's 

      3. Secondary Consumers

     --> Leapord's

     --> Cheetah's

      4. Tertiary Consumers

    --> Lion's       

      5. Decomposers

    --> Bacteria 


For each of the living organism, find a picture and write a short description on the organism.

Write down where the plant / animal can be found, what the animal feeds on and how it survives / escapes from being eaten or killed. 



Food Web 

Create a food web using at least eight of the living organisms listed above. You may wish to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create your food web. Save your food web as a picture. Finally copy and paste your picture in this section of your wiki. 


Interrelationship in Ecosystem

Give at least one example for each of the following relationships in the ecosystem:

  • Predator-prey relationship

          Leapord and zebra 

     --> The leapord will eat the zebra .  

  • Parasitism
  • Bacteria and lion 


At African Savannah :



Please open in a new link tab. Hope you enjoy! :)


Thank You! :)


Useful Links

Plagiarism is a strongly discouraged.


Include the links of all websites you obtained information from to complete your ecology wiki. 

For example:

Wild World @ nationalgeographic.com ( http://www.nationalgeographic.com/wildworld/terrestrial.html ) 



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