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Sec 1T1_2012 Ecology Wiki

Page history last edited by Mrs Judy Ling 8 years, 7 months ago

Chapter 15: Ecology



This project is intended for Secondary 1 Science students to study about ecology in various ecosystems by using information available on the Internet to create a wiki page containing the following:

  • Information on the ecosystem's habitat by examining physical factors such as light, temperature, water and air.
  • Classification of living organisms in the ecosystem into three main types: Producers, consumers and decomposers
  • Construct a food web connecting at least 8 living organisms from all three categories.
  • Identify and give at least one example of interrelationship among various organisms in a community such as 
    • predator-prey relationship
    • parasitism



At the end of this project students will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of physical factors to the life of organisms living in different habitats.
  • Explain the terms habitat, population, community, producers, consumers and decomposers.
  • Identify a habitat and some organisms associated with it.
  • Show an understanding of the interrelationship among the various organisms in a community.
  • Construct a food web in a specific habitat.



Students will be working in groups of 4. Below are the groupings, as well as links to their group pages.


Useful Links

You should click on these links to start off your project but do not limit your information only from these webpages.



Reflection - when you get back to school in Term 2


1) Choose any two ecosystems that you have interest in and read the information that your friends have put up on their wiki page.


2) After reading the two wiki pages from 2 two teams, write your reflection on thre worksheet to be given in Term 2 Week 1.


3) Submit to your Science teacher by Term 2 Week 1, Friday.




  • Project BriefingTerm 1 Week 9/10
    • Learning how to use the wiki.
    • Reading up on ecosystem 
  • Group Project: March Holidays
    •  Do research as a group.
    • Working on wiki page as a team, different people doing different parts of the wiki.
    • Complete wiki page by 16 March 2012, Friday 


  • Peer Review: Term 2 Week 1
    • When back in school in Term 2, Mrs Ling will book lab for you to read two groups' wiki page.  
    • After you finish reading, you will need to fill u a worksheet given to you in Term 2. 

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