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1E2_2011 Group 10 - Swamps

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Team members


Names / Roles:

  • [Nurhaliza bte Ramli]      (Leader)
  • [Nur Syafiqah Bte Shazali]      (Wiki Writer)
  • [Daniel Oon]      (Researcher)
  • [Fahmi Akmal Bin Abdul Jamil]      (Researcher)
  • [name]      (Researcher) 



A Swamp is a wetland with some large area. Swamp water may be fresh, salt or brackish water depending on how the environment is. Some swamp has disgusting smell. Swamps are characterised by ver slow-moving waters. Major swamps are not located in the Europe and Oceania ares. In Singapore, there are only mangrove swamps. Some biodiversity found in swamps are fishes, otters, birds, insects and also plants. There are many swamps located around the world. Example, Mangrove swamp is found in Singapore, whereas the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refudge is found in Morris. There is more than ten swamps found in the whole wide world. 


Physical Factors

Search the Internet for information on the following physical factors in the allocated ecosystem. 

  • The amount of light is limited due to the number of tree's covering the huge area. 
  • The swamp is usually humid but it is sometimes very warm in the afternoon
  • The water at a swamp is a little brackish and it is not safe to drink the water. 
  • The salinity of water is brackish which is a mixture of both fresh and salt water. 
  • The amount if air is alot as there are tree's that usually photosynthesize there. 
  • It is not a safe place to drink from the swamps as there might be some dead organisms. 
  • There is not much nutrients or minerals as there will only be alot when the animals or organisma there have been decomposed. 




Classification of Living Organisms

Classify at least eight of the living organisms found in the allocated ecosystem into the categories below:

  1. Water Lily
  2. Koi fish, Worm
  3. Otter, Kingfisher
  4. Alligator, Snake 
  5. Mushroom

For each of the living organism, find a picture and write a short description on the organism. You may wish to include feeding habits, region in the ecosystem where it is normally found etc. 




Food Web 




Interrelationship in Ecosystem

Give at least one example for each of the following relationships in the ecosystem:

  1. They depend on one another for food. Example The worms eat the plants and will be decomposed by the mushrooms which will then give nutrients to the plants.
  2. All the animals depend on each other for food and the organisms will not extinct. 
  3. Worms protect the plants from other animals and also eat from the plant. 




Useful Links

Plagarism is a strongly discouraged.


Include the links of all websites you obtained information from to complete your ecology wiki. 

For example:

Wild World @ nationalgeographic.com ( http://www.nationalgeographic.com/wildworld/terrestrial.html ) 





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