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Sec 3 Wiki Project Homepage

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Sec 3 Wiki Science Project


This is a wiki project targetted at all Secondary 3 Express Students who will be working in groups of 4.

Students will be doing an article review but instead of the conventional Microsoft Word printed handout, they will be creating their very own wiki pages which their friends can read and critique.

This project is to be done over the June Holidays.

Click here for the timeline.

Click here for more information for grading matters.

Click here for a list of possible topics. For more info please click... home

An example of group collaboration using a wiki...

Another example done by DMSS 2A3





Sec 2 Video Project


The Sec 2 students will be creating a 3 minute video to attempt to explain a certain phenomenon or concept.

Proposal 1:

The students will watch a video of a magician performing a magic trick. After watching that video, they will be tasked to prove that it is NOT magic but rather an illusion done using Science and Technology. How so? They will have to recreate the magic trick in their video. In the process of doing this, they will have to first find out the concept behind the trick and how it is done. The final product would be acting out and catching it all on film.

Proposal 2:

The students will choose a concept relating to science to explain, with the help of the video. The video is aimed to help students remember facts better. An example of such a video is this...

More details...


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