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Miss Sherlyn Chew

Page history last edited by Sherlyn Chew 9 years, 3 months ago

Contact email:




Interests and Hobbies


I enjoy playing computer games such as World of Warcraft, Sims 2, Diablo, Heroes of Might and Magic, Civilisation 4, Super Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero, Harvest Moon etc etc.


I love reading as well. Books I've read recently are: Twilight series (all four), House of the Night series (all 5). Yes, I do have a recent addiction to vampire love stories.


I played tennis for quite a number of years now but have been a little too busy for that. I still occassionally play tennis with friends.


My utmost passion is really travelling the world. Within the next 10 years, I hope to be able to visit these places:

South Africa - I really want to go on a Safari... [2011 Update: Went on a safari tour in Werribee Wildlife Park in Melbourne]

Alaska - I wanna go on an Alaskan cruise to witness the ice-breaking process.

Finland - I wanna see the Northern Lights and ride a sleigh drawn by huskies


Paris - To see the Moulin Rouge, visit Euro Disneyland [2011 Update: Went to Paris in Dec 2008, had an awesome time in Disneyland.. ]

Rome - After watching Angels and Demons, I soooo wanna visit all the churches and museum in Rome. [2011 Update: Went to Italy in Dec 2009, Visited Rome, Florence, Venice and Sienna]

New Zealand - Just want to rent a car and explore this beautiful island. Perhaps even ride a horse along a white sandy beach. 



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3E4 group 7 said

at 5:53 pm on Jul 10, 2009

tats awesome!

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