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3E6 Homepage

Page history last edited by Sherlyn Chew 11 years, 9 months ago

Welcome to 3E6 wiki homepage



In your groups of 3-4 students, you will


  • Review on an article assigned to you by your teacher that is related to Chemistry using the template provided in your group pages.


  • Group critique of the TWO assigned article review.
    • State: 3 things good about the article review ; 2 things you learned from reading the article ; 1 possible improvement to the article.


Instructions on Editing Wikis

  1. To edit your group wiki page, you will need to log in with the account information provided by your teacher. Kindly avoid sharing the login information with your classmates as your group is responsible for any edits from your account.
  2. Click on the links below to your group wiki page to start editing. You are only allowed to edit your group wiki page.
  3. There can only be ONE computer editing the wiki at any one time.
  4. Always remember to save your work to prevent the loss of information.



The submission deadline for this project is Term 3 Week 2.


Proposed Project Timeline


Term 2 Week 9/10:

Briefing by teacher on assignment

Getting into groups

Assigning of topics


June Holiday Week 1-2:

Reading of assigned article

Research on other related articles

Completing article review using template given on group page


June Holiday Week 4:

Group critque on assigned group page


Term 3 Week 2:

All wiki pages should be ready for submission. (Article review + Group Critique)


Links to Group Pages


3E6 Group 1

3E6 Group 2

3E6 Group 3

3E6 Group 4

3E6 Group 5

3E6 Group 6

3E6 Group 7

3E6 Group 8

3E6 Group 9

3E6 Group 10



Assignment of Group to Critique


Your Group Groups to Assess
1 2 & 3
2 3 & 4
3 4 & 5
4 5 & 6
5 6 & 7
6 7 & 8
7 8 & 9
8 9 & 10
9 10 & 1
10 1 & 2


Teacher-in-charge: Mdm Yani


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