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15th Anniversary Mural Painting Reflections

Page history last edited by Sherlyn Chew 13 years, 9 months ago

Reflections of Students in response to these questions:

1. What quality or qualities do you think is necessary in order to do a good job in the painting?

2. How can the quality or qualities mentioned above be applied in your studies or life?

3. How have the mural painting experience help in building friendship and teamwork in your CCA group?

4. State one part of the mural painting process that you enjoyed the most.

Nur Hylma 2E1

1)      Patience/teamwork

2)      Teamwork is important & we need it in our daily life works.

3)      We were given our task from our sir and ma’am.

4)      We complete in time.


Norashikin 2T1

1)      Patience

2)      We must have teamwork in order to finish the task given.

3)      We can complete the task given by our sir or ma’am.

4)      Paint the hair.


Nur Hidayah 2A2

1)      The quality we need is patience.

2)      We must have teamwork in order to finish the task given.

3)      We can complete the task given by our sirs or ma’am.

4)      Painting the background of the three pictures.


Dina Amalina 2T1

It was fun! I learn to have teamwork, to co-operate, understanding and I enjoyed painting the outer part.


Nur Diyana 2E3

1)      Teamwork, understanding, co-operate.

2)      Less problem/conflict

3)      This brings us much closer and bring us joy working together.

4)      Painting cos it’s fun!


Jonathan Yeo Chang Yong 2E1

1)      Painting and discipline

2)      It helps us to be more organized and be more patient when we are doing our work.

3)      It allows us to know each other better and can co-operate and synchronize when we are in our squad.

4)      The part when we painted the walls and turns out to be good.


Poh Kai Lin 2E3

Patience is needed. We need to have teamwork to finish the tasks given to us. We were given different tasks and roles given by teachers, example, outlining, painting or take the water. We took turns so that we will not be so tiring, we also help one another. I enjoyed painting the wall using the roller most, because it is fun. Although it is very heavy and tiring but interesting and nice.


Loh Soon Hao 2E3

It was fun painting despite the hot weather and tiring work. We definitely need the PICARD values to do a good job in the painting. Teamwork is needed as there is lots of work to be done. I enjoyed the painting part most.


Lee Jia Le 2E3

I had lots of fun time painting and I had learned lots of things about painting. This had also improved our relationship between one another as a lot of teamwork is needed to be able to finish the painting on time. If there is a similar event in the future I might consider going again.


Lim Fu Hao 2A1

I had a happy time there. I learned some painting, that’s about it.


Guang jie 2E2

I have learnt a lot from the mural painting. It needs teamwork and we have to do our work fast or we won’t be able to finish in time. I have also learnt the skill of painting. If there are further activities similar to this, I would be glad to participate.


Amy Ang Sin Yee 2A1

I had a happy and fun time working together with my squad mates during mural painting. I wish that I can have more time together with my squad mates again.


Muhammad Mu’tasim 2E1

I had a good time when doing the mural painting with my NPCC squad mates. Even though we had a good time, we still had to exercise self-discipline so as not to disturb the residents. After all, this was a public place. I hope that we will have a good time like this in the future.


Jeremy Huang 2E1

It was fun because we got to paint murals on the walls. I hope that we can do this more often in the future.


Tay Zhi Qian 2E1

I really had a fun time during the mural painting. Although I was given a great responsibility to guide my fellow friends to paint the murals, I put in my best and with help from my partner, Sean, we managed to complete the mural and all of us had a great time. This event had helped boost my leadership skills and also my bond with my fellow friends had grown. I had enjoyed every part of the event and hope that we will have more events like this where our NPCC squad can get together.


Miss Sherlyn Chew (teacher-in-charge)

Indeed, teamwork and perseverance is important for the successful completion of the mural. Teachers and students alike had on the job training on how to paint and mix colours. Through trial and error, we learned how to manipulate the brushes and also the amount of paint to use.


I was really pleased to see the team work between my cadets. For example, when one cadet drips paint on the floor, he/she would call for the rag and whoever that is nearest to the rag would pick it up and pass it quickly to wipe the paint off. I am really pleased to see the cadets working well together and helping one another. I got to see another side of the cadets where they assisted their peers by holding the paint for one another or helping to carry water from school.


I enjoyed the company of the cadets and had a whole load of fun bonding together with them. It was a break from work and I think I might just pick up painting in my free time.


Many thanks to all who helped with the mural and I hope to work with you guys on more of such projects.





Session 1: Everyone trying to get a spot to paint

From left to right: Wei Xiong, Raudhah, Humaira and Afifah


Session 1: "Careful now.. the ping pong ball has to be perfectly round" 


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